Dana Tan

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Real Identity: Dana Tan
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Blackout, Golem, Meltdown, Deadman's Hand, The Winning Edge, Splicers, Earthmover, Lost Soul, Hidden Agenda, Hooked Up, Rats, Revenant, Terry's Friend Dates a Robot, The Last Resort, Armory, The Eggbaby, Zeta, Plague, Where's Terry?, Untouchable, Inqueling, Big Time, Speak No Evil and Return of the Joker
Appearances (JLU): Epilogue
Skills: None
Voiced By: Lauren Tom

Dana Tan is Terry McGinnis' long-time girlfriend. The two attended Hamilton High School together alongside their many friends, including Chelsea Cunningham, Max Gibson and Howard Groote. Despite his delinquent past, Tan was one of the few people to look past it and recognize McGinnis' caring heart. However, she wasn't privy to his double life as Batman. Their relationship was strained over the high school years as McGinnis seemingly ran off without a trace to help Bruce Wayne.

She came to realize that McGinnis' time with Wayne was beneficial. Tan saw Wayne as the closest thing to a father figure for her previously astray boyfriend. She couldn't have been more right. As his career as Batman spanned a decade, McGinnis became more and more apprehensive for the safety of his loved ones. After a productive sit down with the retired Amanda Waller, he decided to deviate from the life of Bruce Wayne and planned to propose marriage to Dana Tan.