Steve Trevor

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Real Identity: Steven Trevor
First Appearance: The Savage Time
Must see episodes: The Savage Time
Powers: None/Human
Family: Unknown
Voiced By: Patrick Duffy

Steven Rockwell Trevor was recruited as a spy for the United States during World War II. Trevor's mission was to infiltrate Nazi headquarters in Berlin, Germany and steal a coded communicator. With the communicator it was up to Trevor to decipher it and validate if the Nazi's were truly planning to invade England.

When Vandal Savage altered the space time continuum, Trevor encountered Wonder Woman and J'onn Jonzz. Together with Wonder Woman, Trevor managed to track down his code breaker contact imprisoned. After discovering Savage's plan to invade America, Wonder Woman and Trevor parted ways but not before developing a romantic relationship with each other. After saving the war and returning to the present, Wonder Woman tracked Trevor to a retired veteran's care center and confirmed that Trevor retained a memory of her. Trevor affectionately calls her "Angel" for her part in saving his life.