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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (TZP): His Maker's Name
Skills: Protest
Voiced By: Ethan Embry, Tara Strong, and David Faustino

The Spaceys subculture is centered around the belief that space travel should be free because humanity's destiny is in the stars. Technology should be free and enable people to travel the galaxy with their minds. Living in a communal unit, the Spaceys often protest near companies with a stake in space travel, such as Dyron Aerospace in Ohio. They are also wary of the federal government, who they believe owns and manipulates the Internet. For advice, they often meditate and connect with what they refer to as the global vibrations.

Zeta and Ro Rowan hid among Spaceys while trying to find Dr. Arroyo in Ohio. As the three tried to flee from the NSA, the Spaceys arrived and distracted the NSA transport. They came to the conclusion that Zeta was an alien and should be allowed to return home. Bodhi, Vega, and Scruffy appear to have the most influence in the Ohio branch of Spaceys.