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Real Identity: Solovar
Appearances: The Brave and the Bold Part One, Part Two and Dead Reckoning
Powers: Above Average Strength, Agility, Hand to hand combat, Weapons and Piloting
Voiced By: David Ogden Stiers

Head of security in Gorilla City, Africa, Solovar is one of a race of apes advanced in evolutionary standards thanks to an alien being who landed in Africa sometime in the 19th century. Gorilla City thrived, hidden from the sight of the human race, until the evil genius Grodd attempted to take over himself.

Grodd managed to access and steal the City's security codes and escaped Gorilla City. Solovar pursued Grodd alone. His search led him to Central City where he encountered John Stewart and the Flash. After explaining the situation, Solovar gave the duo special head bands that prevented Grodd from using his mind control helmet. The three were unable to stop Grodd from unleashing nuclear warheads on Gorilla City but other members of the Justice League were able to destroy or disarm the nukes and save Gorilla City. Solovar gladly took the incapacitated Grodd back to Gorilla City for imprisonment but Grodd eventually recovered and escaped bent on getting revenge.

Grodd sought to use Gorilla City's cloaking generator to amplify and carry his de-evolution ray and turn the planet Earth's humans into apes. Grodd's goals of conquest came short when Batman, Superman and Womder Woman arrived with Deadman to stop him.