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Real Identity: Machiste
Appearances:Chaos at the Earth's Core
Skills: Hand to hand combat
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

Machiste is the King of the kingdom of Kiro in Skartaris and one of Warlord's allies. He is married to Mariah Romanova. In a recent battle against the forces of Deimos, Machiste was wounded and amputated his right hand. When he went before the Great Stone, all pain disappeared and Machiste believed the Stone had healed him. After grafting a mace to his right arm, Machiste became the Stone's loyal guardian.

Jennifer Morgan

Real Identity: Jennifer Morgan
Appearances:Chaos at the Earth's Core
Skills: Magic
Voiced By:

While on a scientific expedition to the inter-dimensional world of Skartaris, Jennifer Morgan met her long lost father, Lt. Col. Travis Morgan (known as Warlord in Skartaris), who was presumed dead after his plane crashed in the Antarctic. Jennifer became involved in a plot to assassinate Warlord when she was endowed with magic by the witch Ashiya to overcome the Warlord's enemy, Deimos. Jennifer soon won over the hearts of the people and came to be known as Lady Jennifer, the Supreme Sorceress of Skartaris. Her powers include projection of energy bolts, time travel and force field bubbles.

Mariah Romanova

Real Identity: Mariah Romanova
Appearances:Chaos at the Earth's Core
Skills: Archeology, Fencing, and Marksmanship

Mariah Romanova was once an archeology student at Moscow University in Russia. While on dig, she ended up in Skartaris. There she met and fell in love with Machiste. The two soon married. Armed with a laser rifle, Romanova fought at the Tabernacle against Deimos' forces.


Real Identity: Shakira
Appearances:Chaos at the Earth's Core
Powers: Transformation
Voiced By: Nicholle Tom

Shakira possesses the ability to transform at will into a black leopard or a cat that can turn into a human. When Warlord encountered the Titans, he met Shakira, who was a slave. The two managed to fight their way to freedom and were allies ever since. However, she barely escaped a battle against Deimos forces. Shakira made it to the Tabernacle of the Great Stone and managed to warn Warlord that Deimos was close to mounting his final campaign.


Real Identity: Tara
Appearances:Chaos at the Earth's Core
Skills: Sword fighting

Tara was the princess and heir to the throne of Shamballah. She was kidnapped by Deimos. She was rescued by a stranded Travis Morgan. The two instantly fell in love and married. Tara trained Morgan in the art of swordsmanship and he became the people's champion, Warlord. She has been at his side ever since.