Dr. Tracy Simmons

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Real Identity: Dr. Tracy Simmons
Appearances: The Greatest Story Never Told
Powers: None/Human
Voiced By: Lori Loughlin

Two brilliant physicist researchers, Dr. Tracy Simmons and Dr. Brown are employed by a research and development company in Metropolis. Their current project was finding a suitable energy alternative. They were experimenting on anti-matter, when Mordru surfaced and instigated a city-wide battle with the Justice League Unlimited. The building where Simmons and Brown were working at was caught in an earthquake generated in the battle and as a result the experiment was fused to Dr. Brown, making him into a walking black hole, slowly becoming more and more unstable. Simmons encountered Booster Gold and told him that a special collar would inhibit the process and return Brown to normal. After the ordeal, Booster Gold and Tracy went out to dinner, beginning a romantic relationship yet to be seen.