Shelly Sandoval

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Real Identity: Shelly Sandoval
Affiliation(s): Dakota Action News
Appearances (SS): Aftershock, They're Playing My Song, Junior, Winds of Change, Replay, Trouble Squared, Brother-Sister Act, Static Shaq, Bad Stretch, Consequences, The Big Leagues, Duped, The Usual Suspect, Flashback, and Blast From the Past
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Maria Canals

Shelly Sandoval is a reporter for the Dakota Action News. Sandoval is often at the scene of major crimes or public events. She is best known for investigating various Bang Baby-related stories such as the Big Bang, Rubberband Man's attack on Ice Pack, the dedication of the Edwin Alva Gymnasium, Slipstream's first crime spree, the formation of the Metahuman Capture Division, a theft at the East Side Fire Station, A.J. McLean, an attack on Officer Packard of the Dakota Police, the fifth anniversary of the Dakota Gang Riots, and a theft at the Dakota Museum of Technology.