Sapphire Stagg

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Real Identity: Sapphire Stagg
Appearances: Metamorphosis Part One and Part Two
Powers: None/Human
Family: Simon Stagg (Father), Rex Mason/Metamorpho (Fiance)
Voiced By: Danica McKellar

Far from the spoiled Daddy's little girl stereotype, Sapphire is an independent self-actualized modern woman with class. She is the daughter of Simon Stagg, a well-off business man who loves his daughter.

After Rex Mason proposed to her, Sapphire's over-protective father turned him into Metamorpho. Rex, now as the Element Man Metamorpho, went after Simon for turning him into a walking science project and trapped his mind in a chemical mutagen. Rex used his chemical abilities to neutralize Simon and reformed to be back with Sapphire.

It has been suggested that she has an attraction to John Stewart even though she loves Rex very much.