Mairzey Sirianni

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Real Identity: Quan Chee "Mairzey" Keng-Sirianni
Appearances (JLU): I Am Legion
Skills: None
Voiced By: Takayo Fischer

Quan Chee Keng a Malaysian national born in Singapore to a businessman and American missionary. Keng earned her nickname "Mairzey" from her favorite song "Mairzey Dotes and Dozey Dotes." She later married Chuck Sirianni and they eventually settled down on a farm in the United States of America. Decades later, she happened to hear a beep from Sirianni's footlocker and informed him. He discovered it was a security alert and Blackhawk Island had been infiltrated. After warning the US government and informing the Justice League Unlimited, Sirianni decided he would fly to the Island as well. Mairzey didn't object and handed him his old Blackhawk Squadron uniform.