Maggie Sawyer

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Real Identity: Maggie Sawyer
Appearances (STAS): Tools of the Trade, Two's a Crowd, Double Dose, Solar Power, Monkey Fun, World's Finest Part Three, Hand of Fate, Bizarro's World, Apokolips...Now! Part One, Part Two and Little Big Head Man
Appearances (JL): Hereafter Part One
Skills: Law enforcement
Voiced By: Joanna Cassidy

Maggie Sawyer leads Metropolis' Special Crimes Unit (SCU), a division within the Police Department. The SCU is trained to deal with anything beyond the normal range of criminal activity: meta-humans and even alien invaders. Sawyer is a hardened officer that has a straight laced ethic and remains unphased by what she's seen. Sawyer is involved in a romantic relationship with reporter Toby Raynes.

Much like Commissioner James Gordon of Gotham City, Sawyer has willingly accepted the help of a costumed hero, Superman, for the greater good. She was one half of a duo with partner, the late Dan Turpin. Sawyer was always the calm and collected persona that kept the troublesome Turpin in check. For years, the two have attempted to dismantle Intergang and take Bruno Mannheim to justice. All their effort produced little results. Their war on crime took a strange turn when Mannheim became affiliated with the forces of Apokolips. With Mannheim gone, Intergang was no longer a match for the SCU.

After the SCU busted a money laundering racket, their compound was attacked by an Apokoliptian ship manned by Intergang. In the skirmish, Sawyer was badly injured and suffered a concussion. She made Turpin swear to her that he'd keep his temper in check. She watched helpless as Metropolis was invaded by Darkseid's forces. In the aftermath, Turpin was murdered by a retreating Darkseid. Sawyer continues to lead the SCU trying to make sure his death was not in vain.