Blade Sommers

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Real Identity: Bobbi "Blade" Sommers
Appearances (BB): Golem, Hooked Up, Revenant, Terry's Friend Dates a Robot, The Eggbaby and Return of the Joker
Skills: None
Voiced By: Melissa Disney

Blade Sommers is part of the in crowd at Hamilton High School. "Blade" is actually her nickname, which may have something to do with her personality coupled with her provacative fashion sense. Near the beginning of high school, she dated Nelson Nash but broke up after the Spring FLing incident. Sommers was the attainable and filled the hearts of many, including outcasts like Willie Watt or Howard Groote. During a family relations course, students were randomly assigned as couples. Sommers was paired off with Terry McGinnis. She negelected the project and left McGinnis to do the babysitting.