Ro Rowan

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Real Identity: Rosalie "Ro" Rowan
Appearances (TZP): All 26 Episodes
Appearances (BB): Countdown
Skills: Theft and Street Smarts
Voiced By: Julie Nathanson

Rosalie and Casey Rowan were abandoned by their mother when they were at a tender age, around 8 years old. They lived with grandparents for awhile and Rosalie quicked earned the nickname "Little Bulldozer" for her ability to plow through anything to get what she wants. When their grandparents became too old, Ro and Casey were given to National Foster Care. Rosalie Rowan went to Hillsburg, Oregon at age 8 and lived with the Morgan family. She continued to make questionable choices and rebelled against her foster parents. Rowan lived with a stigma that she wouldn't amount to anything and was bounced to another family.

Eventually, she ended up in Maryland's Spring City Detention Center. Boasting a reputation as a loner, Rowan attacked other inmates and was assigned latrine duty. Rowan broke a window lock and escaped. She was offered asylum by a local gang leader, Slam. Her initiation requirement was to steal food but she was caught and arrested. Rowan fled and returned to the gang. Slam then decided to take her along as a look out while he robbed a Cred City establishment on 8th and Merrill. Rowan refused and was about to get shot when she was saved by Zeta. She returned the favor and struck a deal with him. In exchange for her help, Rowan would receive 5000 Creds and new clothes. She nicknamed Zeta, "Zee," and became his accomplice and best friend.

Rowan acted as a teacher of sorts for Zeta, schooling him in the art of seeing good and evil, and otherwise being human. In essence, she was balanced out Zeta's naivete. As they searched for Zeta's creator, Rowan also pursued any leads on her brother. Along the way, she got into a few close binds of her own. In the midwest, she was mistaken as a technopath by the Brain Trust and recruited into their criminal organization. It was Zeta and her ability to rally several other members into escaping and defeating the terrorists. Eventually, Rowan was reunited with her brother, now Casey MacCurdy, in Golden Bay City. MacCurdy was forced to help capture Zeta and Rowan but later aided their escape. MacCurdy then decided to help her track down their parents and would leave clues hidden in classified advertisements.