Marcus Reed

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Real Identity: Marcus Reed
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): The Usual Suspect
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Sean Patrick Thomas

Marcus Reed is a student at Dakota Union High School and juvenile delinquent with a temper. Reed dated Tamara Lawrence but broke up just before the Big Bang. Lawrence went to the Gate 10 dockyard fight in search of Reed but was turned into a Bang Baby instead. It turned out Reed was arrested by Officer Packard and was sent to juvenile hall. He had a growth spurt while serving time and became noticeably larger.

After being released on probation, Reed was accepted back to Dakota Union and assigned to be counseled by Sharon Hawkins at Freeman Community Center. He was also lined up for a job at the Dakota Autoshow but was fired for his bad attitude. If Reed was also dismissed from school, a judge would revoke his probation. Hawkins convinced him to take on a new life of responsibility and leave his gang. However, Lawrence planned revenge and framed Reed for various crimes across Dakota. To make matters worse, Static and Gear suspected Reed of being a new Bang Baby. All parties came to a standoff in Dakota Park where all was revealed. Lawrence was defeated and Reed agreed to reconcile with Virgil Hawkins, on account Hawkins' sister was his counselor.