Karl Rossum

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Real Identity: Karl Rossum
Appearances (BTAS): Heart of Steel Part One, Heart of Steel Part Two, His Silicon Soul and Deep Freeze
Skills: Robotics and Business
Voiced By: William Sanderson

Karl Rossum is a leading robotics expert in Gotham City. He first started out as one of the original visioneers for the theme park builder, Grant Walker. Rossum went on to found his own company, Cybertron Industries. Soon after, he lost his daughter and went into semi-seclusion. Though overcome with grief, Rossum continued working on cutting edge artificial intelligence. The AI, dubbed HARDAC, convinced Rossum to allow him to make a duplicate of his daughter.

When wetware thefts went on the rise, Rossum encountered Bruce Wayne, whom he taught everything he knew about electronics, years before. Rossum tried to shut down HARDAC but was incapacitated and replaced with a duplicate. After Batman and Barbara Gordon stormed Cybertron, the company was shut down.

Rossum went into seclusion. He settled on farmland and used simple robots to aid in crops. His life was peaceful again but the last remaining duplicate, Batman, sought him out. After the scuffle, Rossum got over his grief and moved on with his life. He later aided Batman in identifying a robot that kidnapped Mr. Freeze.