Bernie Rast

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Real Identity: Bernie Rast
Affiliation(s): Bernie Rast Productions
Appearances (SS): Showtime, Romeo in the Mix, and Wet and Wild
Powers/Skills: Entertainment Management
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Bernie Rast is an alleged star producer and manages his own production company in Dakota City. Rast often manipulates those he thinks he can profit the most off of into signing a contract with him. Among his career, Rast did reality shows starring police, paramedics, and politicians. He came up with a reality show titled "Heroes" and tried to get various superheroes such as Superman to join the show. They all refused. Rast turned his sights on Static and crafted a billboard to gain his attention. He convinced Static to agree by hiring several children to stand on a visible street corner then introducing the idea that Static's show would give them hope. However, the show was ruined when Rast's assistant, Brandon, became a supervillain and absorbed Static's power to commit crimes. While trying to get Rubberband Man to replace Static, Rast was convinced to shoot one last episode with Static. He and Gear managed to outsmart and defeat Brandon. Rast then attempted to negotiate a 26 episode deal but the show became a bust.

Rast then tried to become a producer for Lil' Romeo's concerts and television shows. Prior to a contract, Rast set up a contest in which two winners would be chosen to direct Romeo's next music video. Rast promised Static, Romeo's favorite superhero, would make a guest appearance. During the shoot, Rast attempted to sign Robin then Beast Boy of the Titans but failed. The deal with Romeo was rescinded after Romeo was kidnapped by a Bang Baby and helped Static defeat him. Months later, Rast signed to produce Candide's next album. He appeared with her at a public signing on release day at Spire Records in Dakota. The shop was attacked by Aquamaria and HotStreak. It seems that Rast neglected to inform Candide of the danger of metahumans and most likely lost the contract with her, as well.