Wade Pennington

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Real Identity: Wade Pennington
Affiliation(s): Pennington Robotics
Appearances (TZP): Crime Waves
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Chad Lowe

Wade Pennington is the son of Peter Pennington, head of Pennington Robotics. He is like any typical spoiled brat. Given an unlimited cred card, Pennington can do whatever he pleases. Because of his background, Pennington discriminates against robots.

While his father was in Sydney and mother skiing in the Alps, Pennington arrived at their summer home on Malibu Island and he became the target of an extortionist named Swen. After being hassled by three punks from a local repair shop, Pennington hired Swen for security. Swen's plans fell apart when Pennington befriended Zeta and Ro Rowan. After the ordeal, he had a new found respect for robots.