The President of the United States

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Flashpoint
Powers: None/Human
Voiced By: Robert Forster

The President of the United States. Though he voiced a strong disapproval of the binary fusion cannon located on the JLU Watchtower, the President tolerates the JLU's current proactive stance. He does so only because the number of times the League has saved the Earth is staggering.

The President has a direct line to the JLU Watchtower and Cadmus supervisor Amanda Waller. It was previously believed that Cadmus operated outside of congressional approval and by extension, presidential approval. However, it seems the President is at least privy to the existence of Cadmus if not its operations.

After Lex Luthor hijacked the Watchtower's fusion cannon and fired it on a Cadmus compound in order to influence an all out war, the President was concerned that the cannon was fired regardless of whether it was the JLU or not. On a final note, he declared that if the JLU were the culprits, the US government would come down on them with full force. However, the President delayed investigation to point where Amanda Waller acted on her own and re-activated Galatea to active duty.