The Phantasm

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Real Identity: Andrea "Andi" Beaumont
Appearances (BTAS): Mask of the Phantasm
Appearances (JLU): Epilogue
Skills: Hand to hand combat, stealth and assassination
Voiced By: (Phantasm) Stacy Keach Jr. and (Andrea) Dana Delany

Andrea Beaumont is the daughter of Carl and Victoria Beaumont. She was also Bruce Wayne's first love. Over ten years ago, the two met at a cemetery where they were both visiting their family. Around that time, Wayne was starting out as a nameless costumed vigilante but began to fall in love with Andrea. The two became engaged.

However, Carl Beaumont was an embezzler and set up lucrative corporate partnerships between Gotham gangsters Chuckie Sol, Buzz Bronski and Salvatore Valestra. The gangsters found out about Carl's embezzling and threatened his life. After convincing the trio that he would wire the money to them, Carl fled America with Andrea in tow. They eventually settled on the Mediterranean Coast. Carl paid the money back to the gangsters and par laid the rest of his money into a small fortune. Meanwhile, with his heart broken, Bruce Wayne moved on and became Batman.

Former Councilman, Arthur Reeves helped the Beaumont's flee; at the time Reeves was a paralegal for Beaumont. Years later, when Reeves ran for council, he ran out of campaign money and asked Carl for help. Carl refused and in a desperate situation, sold Carl's location out to the mob. Their hitman, who later became the Joker, was sent to kill Carl. Andrea returned home just as he was leaving the estate. Over a period of time, Andrea trained and became an assassin for hire while planning to avenge her father's murder.

Andrea arrived in Gotham secretly and as her alter-ego, Phantasm killed Chuckie Sol. By arriving early in secret, she could pin the blame on her father in case suspicion fell on her. After Bronski's death, the last mob lord involved, Valestra hired the Joker to kill Batman, the prime suspect in the murders. The Joker injected his infamous toxin into Valestra and rigged his body with a camera and an explosive charge. Joker discovered the killer to be Phantasm and not Batman at all.

Joker suspected Reeves was this Phantasm and confronted him in his office. However, after a phone call from Andrea, Joker realized the truth and injected Reeves anyway. He then rigged a toy plane with a bomb and sent it to Andrea's hotel room only to be intercepted by Batman. Andrea attempted to kill the Joker, but was severely outclassed. Batman convinced Andrea, knowing he was Wayne, to spare the Joker's life. Andrea disappeared back to Europe and resigned herself to a lonely living as contract assassin.

Andrea Beaumont was still an assassin into her 70's. She was hired by Amanda Waller, the former supervisor of Project Cadmus. Phantasm's assignment was to kill Warren and Mary McGinnis in order to reenact the tragedy of Batman and influence the life of Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wayne's biological son. However, the Phantasm did not kill the couple. She later explained to Waller that it was something that conflicted with the ideology of Batman and stormed out of her employer's manor. She was never seen again.