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Real Identity: Maureen Connor
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Frozen Out
Powers/Skills: Cryokinesis
Voiced By: Hynden Walch

Maureen Connor is a resident of Dakota City. At age eight, during Christmas, Connor's mother died and father became estranged with her. The Dakota Department of Child Services took custody of her but Connor's stepfather wanted nothing to do with her. Connor wondered the streets as one of the homeless. Combined with her childhood trauma, Connor contracted a mental illness and could hear voices in her head. From time to time, she would appear at a local church. After the Big Bang, Connor was given the power to generate intense cold and the voices began to call her Permafrost. Over a year later, she settled in the Dakota City Cable Car Company Repair Depot and became more irrational during the Christmas season and used her power to sabotage an electric substation in Dakota Hills, conjured a snowstorm in Dakota Mall, and froze the turnpike.

Static mistakenly took a photo of Connor's mother from her belongings. She appeared at the Dakota City Media Plaza, during the annual treelighting, in a rage. Static appeared and apologized to her. Static confided his own personal tragedy to her and got Connor to surrender. She revealed she was frustrated that her powers didn't bring her a better life. Static offered her the chance to get help and took her to Reverend Anderson, head of a church she considered safe. She accepted Anderson's care and was mentored by Joanna, head of the church's homeless program. Years later, it seems likely that she was exposed to Dr. Todd's antidote and lost her powers.