Officer Packard

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Real Identity: Officer Packard
Affiliation(s): Dakota City Police Department
Appearances (SS): The Usual Suspect
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Frank Welker

Officer Packard is a veteran police officer with the Dakota City Police Department. In the early 21st century, Packard arrested Marcus Reed, a juvenile delinquent. A few years later, after the Big Bang, Reed was released. He was recently partnered with Officer Rojas, a man half his age. During a patrol with Rojas, Packard investigated a break-in. Despite evidence of a metahuman, Packard preferred to go in himself rather than call in the Metahuman Containment Unit. The metahuman monster, Tamara Lawrence, attacked Packard as part of a plot to get revenge on Reed, her ex-boyfriend, by setting him up for various crimes. Packard was taken to a local hospital and was in fair condition. He most likely made a full recovery and returned to work.