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Real Identity: Odin
Appearances: To Another Shore
Powers: Magic

In Norse mythology, Odin has many roles; the All-Father, the ruler of Asgard, god of kings and god of magic and divination in war. Possessing the Spear of Tiwaz, which gave him control of battles, Odin was often ruthless god. Odin promised young princes power in return for their allegiance. Cremation of the dead after battle is done in the name of Odin.

Odin was said to have hung himself as a sacrifice onto the World Tree to gain knowledge of the runic symbols used in divination. He also gave one of his eyes for the sake of knowledge. When on Earth, Odin commonly takes the form of an old one-eyed man in a cloak and broad brimmed hat or helmet.

Odin would summon kings and heroes who died in a great battle to his Hall of the Slain in Valhalla. These men would feast and fight in order to prepare to defend Asgard at a moment's notice. These men were escorted to Valhalla by Odin's warrior goddesses, the Valkyries.

Odin summoned the Viking Prince sometime in the 10th century. However, Odin came into opposition of the Prince when he and Valkyrie fell in love. Odin banished the Viking Prince from Valhalla. Odin promised to allow the Prince to return if he died in another great battle. In a stroke of irony and his infamous cruelty, Odin granted the Prince with invulnerability to metal, wood, fire and water.