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Real Identity: Oberon
Appearances: The Ties that Bind
Skills: None/Human
Voiced By: Dick Miller

The former manager of Thaddeus Brown, a brilliant escape artist. Oberon befriended the late Thaddeus' acquaintance Scott Free, who helped bring Thaddeus' killers to justice under the guise of Mr. Miracle. When he can, Oberon spends time with Miracle and his wife, Barda and takes part in preparing Miracle for his suicidal escape stunts.

On one occasion, Granny Goodness kidnapped Oberon as part of a scheme to get Miracle and Barda to extract Kalibak from Virman Vunderbarr's clutches, at a time when Apokolips was torn by factions competing to fill the power vacuum left by a presumably incapacitated Darkseid. The Flash managed to convince J'onn to take part and find out where Oberon was hidden. Oberon was gladly reunited with Miracle and Barda and returned home to Earth.