Nick, Matt and Carrie

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Real Identity: Nick, Matt and Carrie
Appearances (BTAS):Legends of the Dark Knight
Skills: None
Voiced By: Jeremy Foley, Ryan O'Donohue and Anndi McAfee

Nick, Matt and Carrie are a trio of pre-teens living in Gotham City. Like most of the impressionable youth of Gotham, these children follow Batman's exploits. Each had their own take on Batman. One retold a story of Batman and Robin foiling the Joker from stealing rare instruments from the Walker Music Center. Another thought Batman wasn't human but a monster. Carrie told the story of a grizzled Batman fighting a mutant gang to the death. They followed a newspaper headline about a mystery arsonist to the Gotham Theater. Instead, it was Firefly. Luckily, Batman arrived, stopped Firefly and saved the children.