Nelson Nash

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Real Identity: Nelson Nash
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Blackout, Golem, Revenant, Terry's Friend Dates a Robot, The Eggbaby, Plague, Sentries of the Lost Cosmos, Inqueling and Unmasked
Skills: Athletics
Voiced By: Seth Green

Nelson Nash is a star athlete at Hamilton High School and comes from an affluent family. His elitism is accompanied by arrogance as went through life with little hardship. At Hamilton, Nash began to antagonize Terry McGinnis. Near the start of high school, he dated Blade Sommers. To complicate matters, Willie Watt developed a hatred for Nash and a crush on Sommers. Batman prevented Watt from carrying out revenge at Hamilton's annual Spring Fling dance. Shortly after, Sommers broke up with Nash. Over the years, Nash has had his sports car repaired over and over again. For some reason, it is a favorite target of criminals and super villains...

While on Spring Break, Nash partied at the Saint Denis island chain. It was a Carribean locale known for vacationing. During a pitstop, False Face, an agent hired by Kobra, slipped a virus sample into Nash's carry-on luggage. The Stalker was dispatched by the NSA to intercept the vial in Gotham City. Instead, Stalker interrogated Nash and tossed him several feet.