Tiffy Morgan

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Real Identity: Tiffany "Tiffy" Morgan
Affiliation(s): Hillsburg Community Theater
Appearances (TZP): Hicksburg
Powers/Skills: Acting
Voiced By: Khrystyne Haje

Tiffy Morgan was born and raised in Hillsburg, Oregon and is the foster sister of Ro Rowan. She admired Rowan for her rebellious personality and stole one of her items, a portrait, as a momento. In hindsight, Morgan concluded she was a brat and tried to move past her passive aggressive nature. She began dating Walt Merkin, fell in love with the actor Adam Heat, and aspired to be an actress. She often plays lead roles at the Hillsburg Community Theater. She got the opportunity of a lifetime and played opposite Adam Heat in Romeo and Juliet. After she discovered the truth, Morgan returned the portrait to Rowan.