The McGinnis'

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Real Identity: Warren and Mary McGinnis
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One (Only appearance of Warren), Part Two, The Winning Edge, Splicers, Bloodsport, Revenant, Eyewitness, Sneak Peek, Where's Terry? and Return of the Joker
Appearances (JLU): Epilogue
Skills: Biology
Voiced By: Michael Gross and Teri Garr

Warren and Mary McGinnis were a young couple living in Neo Gotham. Unfortunately for them, they matched a psychological profiling set forth by Amanda Waller. The McGinnis' were perfect candidates who shared common traits with the late Thomas and Martha Wayne. Waller initiated Project Batman Beyond, a last ditch campaign to facilitate the creation of a new Batman. During a routine physical, Warren McGinnis was injected with a nanotech solution that overwrote his genetic material with Bruce Wayne's.

Soon, Terry McGinnis was born. Eight years later, Amanda Waller contracted the Phantasm to kill the parents after they left an action movie, in order to duplicate the origins of Batman's tragedy. However, Phantasm stopped herself from completing the assignment and later explained to Waller that the original Batman wouldn't have approved of murder. Waller conceded to Phantasm's logic and continued to only monitor Terry McGinnis' life.

Over the next six years, Warren McGinnis became consumed with his research position at Wayne-Powers and went as far to take his work home. Meanwhile, Mary McGinnis grew impatient with being only a caretaker. Not even a second son, Matt, or Terry's delinquent activity prevented the two from filing a divorce. Terry McGinnis remained with his father, whom he came to clash with on several occassions. Mary and Matt McGinnis moved to the 17th floor of an apartment complex.

Two years later, Warren McGinnis received a message from one of his co-workers, Harry Tully. Tully slipped a data CD to McGinnis and was taken into custody by Wayne-Powers. At home, Warren McGinnis discovered that Derek Powers, the CEO, was involved in illegally selling biological weapons. He managed to hide the CD in a picture frame before getting a visit from Mr. Fixx, Powers' assistant. McGinnis was murdered and his home was propped to look like a home invasion done by the Jokerz.

Terry McGinnis blamed himself and moved in with his mother and brother. Mary McGinnis was proud to see him take on a part-time job with Bruce Wayne but was still not completely trusting of him. She assumed the worst when she discovered slappers, illegal steroids, among McGinnis' belongings. Thanks to Wayne, these concerns were erased when he provided a cover story about voluntary undercover investigations. To provide for two sons, Mary McGinnis decided to self-study to take an exam to get certification, which would earn her a promotion.