Mr. Foley

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Real Identity: Mr. Foley
Affiliation(s): Diamond Springs Body Shop
Appearances (TZP): Resume Mission
Powers/Skills: Mechanical Aptitude and Business
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Mr. Foley is the owner and operator of Diamond Springs Body Shop. Along with his single employee, Mr. Green, Foley handles most of the automotive repairs. He has a son, Jace, and lives at Strate 13, Sector 199-H, Zone 4. A year after an explosion at Arlington Mercy, Foley took a box of spare parts being thrown away as a gift for his son. Unbeknowst to him, the box contained parts of the destroyed Infiltration Unit 7. Unable to return to his home after the 7 barricaded itself inside, Foley was powerless and watched from the sidelines. After Zeta deactivated the IU7 at his body shop, Foley was reunited with his son.