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Real Identity: Myrddin
Appearances: Knight of Shadows Part One
Powers: Magic
Voiced By: William Morgan Sheppard

One of three children of the arch-fiend Belial, Myrddin had a human mother. Still retaining humanity, Myrddin was sent off to be trained in the art of sorcery so that one day, Myrddin would bind and control his half-brother Etrigan. In his own right, Etrigan was just as ambitious as his father Belial and Belial perceived his own son as a threat.

Changing his name to Merlin, Myrddin befriended and mentored King Arthur of Camelot. When Arthur's adversary, Morgaine le Fey set forth to take Camelot and install their illegitimate son as ruler, Jason Blood betrayed Camelot and let Le Fey's forces in. Despaired by this treachery, Merlin appeared to Blood and bound Etrigan to Blood until the day Le Fey was defeated for good.