Mera and Arthur Jr.

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Real Identity: Mera
Appearances: The Enemy Below Part One, Part Two, The Terror Beyond Part One, Part Two and Hereafter Part One
Powers: Can breathe underwater.
Family: Aquaman (husband), Arthur Jr. (son), Marina (daughter)
Voiced By: Kristin Bauer

Mera is the Queen of Atlantis. She is a good Queen and rules beside her husband Aquaman. She has a son, who will be the next ruler of Atlantis.

Mera has recently appeared alonside her husband to help protect Atlantis with Dr. Fate, his wife Inza and Solomon Grundy. She later appeared again at the funeral of Superman.

Arthur, Jr.

Real Identity: Arthur Junior
Appearances: The Enemy Below Part One and Part Two
Powers: Can breathe underwater.
Family: Aquaman (father), Mera(mother) and Marina (daughter)

The son of King Arthur and Queen Mera of Atlantis. Arthur Jr. is in direct line of succession when he comes of age. Arthur Jr. became the focal point in Arthur's life causing him to make sacrifices to protect his kingdom; going to the surface world and arguing his nation's safety at the World Assembly and severing his own hand to save himself and Arthur Jr. when Orm's treachery was revealed.

While Aquaman went missing, presumably, either Arthur Jr. or his mother Mera ruled in his stead.