Mayor Styles

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Real Identity: Elizabeth Styles
Appearances (GG): Ms'ing in Action, Gotham in Pink, Hear Me Roar, Gotham in Blue, and Jailhouse Wreck
Skills: Administration, Bureaucracy, and Politics
Voiced By:

Elizabeth Styles's career in politics began at an early age when she was elected president of her high school senior class. She went on to become a senior elected female member of Gotham's City Council. She represents Cork District, an urban renewed manufacturing sector that once thrived on bottling plants. The Gotham Times newspaper described her as: "A woman of boundless ambition, sure to be Mayor by the time she is 40."

When Dora Smithy secretly activated a device to teleport men to an alternate dimension, the title of mayor fell to Styles, who was fifth in the established line of succession. However, Styles and the acting Commissioner Greenway butted heads over political power. However, when the men returned, Styles and Greenway returned to their posts.