Mayor Jefferson

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Real Identity: Mayor Thomasina "Tommy" Jefferson
Affiliation(s): City and County of Dakota
Appearances (SS): Aftershock and Junior
Powers/Skills: Politics and Bureaucracy
Voiced By: CCH Pounder

Thomasina Jefferson was elected Mayor of Dakota City sometime in the late 1990's under the platform of solving the city's rampant gang violence. During a public relations event, she met with the television star, Johnny Morrow. Years later, she used bureaucracy to stall public meetings and tampered with evidence at the Gate 10 dockyards to absolve Edwin Alva of any connection to the Big Bang. This act was a favor for all the employment and other economic contributions Alva Industries brought to Dakota City, all things that would be negatively impacted by a criminal conviction.

The grand jury no longer had any grounds to investigate and dropped all charges on Alva. Many still believed the event was a government cover-up. Alva and Jefferson met one night under the guise of feeding ducks at a public pond and discussed the Big Bang. Static attempted to listen onto their conversation and flew to Alva Industries headquarters to find evidence before it was moved and deleted. In order to dissuade any further suspicion, Alva donated a new addition to the Freeman Community Center and billed it as a black tie event. The Mayor and half of City Council were in attendance. Some months later, Shaquille O'Neal made an appearance at Jefferson's re-election fundraiser.