Mayor Hill

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Real Identity: Mayor Hamilton Hill
Appearances (BTAS): On Leather Wings, Joker's Favor, Pretty Poison, Be a Clown, The Clock King, Heart of Steel Part Two, Birds of a Feather, Blind as a Bat, Shadow of the Bat, Harlequinade, Time Out of Joint, Lock Up, Catwalk, Cold Comfort, Over the Edge, Critters and Chemistry
Appearances (GG): Pave Paradise
Skills: Law
Voiced By: Lloyd Bochner

Hamilton Hill started out his career in a law firm in Gotham City. Hill then ran for council and was elected. It was around this time that Hill encountered Temple Fugate. Hill, whether he knew if Fugate was in a case against his firm or not, advised Fugate to take a break outdoors before the case in order to loosen up. As a result, Fugate lost his evidence and was bankrupted. Fugate went underground and plotted his revenge.

Meanwhile, Hill ascended to Mayor of Gotham City. Hill played himself to the people as the perfect politician, catering to their needs above all else. In reality, it was the opposite. Hill was a weak willed man that never took a solid stand on any issue until he viewed public opinion. Predictably, Hill never took a stand for or against Gotham's living legend, Batman. At times when Batman was falsely accused, such as Man Bat's pharmeceutical thefts or Phantasm's mob assassinations, Hill allowed the full force of the law to fall on Batman. At other times, Batman's expertise was welcomed to stop the routine attempts of the Clock King or a nuclear warhead toting Joker. Decades later, a local high school was named after him. Ironically enough, one of its students, Terry McGinnis went on to become Batman while several became delinquents.