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Real Identity: Maven
Appearances (BTAS): The Cat and the Claw, The Cat and the Claw Part Two and Cat Scratch Fever
Skills: Assistant
Voiced By: Mary McDonald Lewis

Maven is personal assistant to Selina Kyle. She has a rather meek personality, the complete opposite of Kyle. Nonetheless, Maven handles Kyle's scheduling and other mundane tasks. She was the only person who knew Kyle was Catwoman, at first. When Catwoman stumbled upon a bacteria warfare conspiracy, she made herself a target of Red Claw. Red Claw's henchmen tracked Catwoman to Kyle's loft and later on, attacked Maven. Batman intervened and saved her.

Without Kyle's presence, Maven tends to let her guard down and make several mistakes. Maven once left the loft open and lost Kyle's favorite cat, Isis. Isis was later captured by accomplices of Roland Daggett and used as a vehicle for his new strain of virus.