Matt McGinnis

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Real Identity: Matt McGinnis
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Heroes, The Winning Edge, Splicers, Hidden Agenda, Bloodsport, Once Burned, Rats, Mindgames, Revenant, Sneak Peek, Where's Terry?, Untouchable and Return of the Joker
Skills: None
Voiced By: Ryan O'Donohue

Matt McGinnis is the second son of Warren and Mary McGinnis and the brother of Terry McGinnis. He was only six when his parents divorced and wasn't phased much by it as much as his older brother was. However, he had far less memories of his father, and as a result, depended on stories and photo albums. Among super heroes, Batman is his favorite. Ironically, McGinnis enjoys annoying his brother at every chance. On one occassion, the Stalker discovered Batman's identity and kidnapped Matt McGinnis to use as bait. McGinnis was rescued and never learned who Batman was nor his connection to Bruce Wayne.