Dwayne McCall

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Real Identity: Dwayne McCall-Price
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Child's Play
Powers/Skills: Reality Warping
Voiced By: Blayne Barbosa

Dwayne McCall is a young resident of Dakota City. After his mother remarried and was moved to the Fenton Projects, McCall retreated into cartoons, comic books, and video games, namely Dreadbot 3000, Locomartian, Kung Pao, and Plant Man. Not even his mother could get through to him. On one fateful night, the family dog got loose and McCall went after it. He ended up near the Gate 10 dockywards and was exposed to Quantum Vapor in the Big Bang. McCall discovered he could create whatever he wanted using a visual reference but kept it a secret. Strange weather reports appeared every now and then; vanilla snow in the Fenton Projects and a cherry soda fountain at the Freeman Community Center. After some children teased McCall, he turned a stray dog into a Dreadbot 3000 and leveled the Community Center's gymnasium. McCall was soon picked up by his older step-brother Aron Price who learned his secret.

Price then manipulated him into performing crimes for him, robbing the Dakota Merchant's Bank and Dakota Mall. Virgil Hawkins and Richie Foley were able to record an incriminating conversation with Price and later replayed it to McCall. He refused to use his powers anymore and vowed to wait until he would know right from wrong. However, McCall was most likely cured years later when Dr. Todd spread his antidote across Dakota City.