Casey MacCurdy

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Real Identity: Casey Rowan-MacCurdy
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (TZP): On the Wire
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Lukas Haas

Casey Rowan is the older brother of Ro Rowan. His oldest memory is of their mother who left them with her parents. When they became too old, the Rowan children were split up and taken into foster care. Ro Rowan was taken to Hillsburg, Oregon and Casey Rowan to Twin Cities, Minnesota. Over time, Casey bonded with his foster mother and took her name, becoming Casey MacCurdy. In his 20's, MacCurdy began his journalism career as a text writer but was soon transferred to vid news in Golden Bay City, California.

The Rowan's were soon reunited in Golden Bay. However, Rowan's boss and Special Agent Bennett made him a compelling offer, in exchange for Zeta, Rowan would be promoted and his sister would be exonerated. Rowan relented and set up a meeting on the Golden Bay Bridge Observation Deck South Tower. During the confrontation, Rowan came through and created a diversion to let Zeta and Ro Rowan escape. He vowed to help her find their parents and leave links in classified ads.