A.J. McLean

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Real Identity: Alexander James "Alex" McLean
Affiliation(s): Jive Records, Avex Group, Backstreet Boys, and D-Town Recordings
Appearances (SS): Duped
Powers/Skills: Music
Voiced By: A.J. McLean

Alexander James McLean was born on January 9, 1978 in West Palm Beach, Florida to Denise Fernandez and Bob McLean. However, when McLean was two years old, a divorce was filed and Bob McLean left the family. McLean was raised by his mother and grandparents, Ursula and Adolph Fernandez. He began to nurse an acting talent and was cast in the 1986 movie "Truth or Dare." In 1990, the family moved to Orlando, Florida where McLean worked in various Disney and Nickelodeon projects. In 1993, the Backstreet Boys boy band was formed to which McLean was a member of. They became one of the biggest selling groups with sales exceeding 130 million. When McLean wasn't performing with this group, he often went by a second alias called Johnny No Name and performed pop rock. He also founded the JNN Foundation, a not for profit dedicated to diabetes research and saving music programs in schools. McLean also suffers from alcohol and drug abuse.

While recording an album in the early 21st century, McLean secretly worked in Dakota City at the Sub Rosa Studios. After hearing Adam Evans' music, McLean considered using one of the songs for his album and moved forward to sign Evans to D-Town Recordings. Virgil Hawkins stumbled upon the secret and told Richie Foley who told Daisy Watkins and Frieda Goren who then posted the information of the Dakota Union website. Rabid fans chased down McLean but he was save by Static. But after returning to his hotel room, McLean was kidnapped by Replikon, a Bang Baby metahuman, and imprisoned at an abandoned Stonegas Records store.

Replikon used his shapeshifting powers to impersonate McLean and force a deal for himself with D-Town. When some avid fans noticed McLean's tattoo art was reversed, Static realized what was happening. At Stonegas, Static confronted Replikon. McLean escaped and used some equipment to create enough feedback to disorient Replikon. Static applied the finishing blow. McLean returned to D-Town and straightened out the ordeal. In the end, Evans was given a contract. McLean went on to release a solo album, "Have It All," in 2010.