Teddy Lupus

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Real Identity: Teddy Lupus
Appearances (BTAS): Feat of Clay and Feat of Clay Part Two
Skills: Assistant
Voiced By: Dick Gautier

Teddy Lupus was a former assistant to the Gotham actor, Matt Hagen. Lupus was just as surprised by Hagen's comeback after a horrifying car accident. But Lupus soon learned of Hagen's association with Roland Daggett. Lupus observed Hagen's growing addiction to the rejuvenation cream that Daggett supplied. Lupus tried to convince him to end the partnership. Instead, Hagen tried to steal enough cream that he wouldn't need Daggett. Hours later, Lupus discovered Hagen had transformed into a monster. Clayface pushed Lupus out of his life and tried to take revenge.