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Real Identity: Lobo
Appearances (STAS): The Main Man Part One, Part Two and Warrior Queen
Appearances (JL): Hereafter Part One and Part Two
Powers: Super strength
Voiced By: Brad Garrett

Lobo lives to fight, drink, and chase women. Oh, and he likes to gamble, too. He is recognized and feared throughout the galaxy as a master bounty hunter and as someone you don't dare cross. When Lobo's on the job, he doesn't let anything get in his way: not animals, not old folks, not children, nothing. And he's a persistant bugger, too. He considers his word sacred.

Lobo is the last of the Czarnian race, mainly because he killed all of the other Czarnians. Lobo is a force to be reckoned with, he's been thought to be killed several times but has survived. Through his journey across space, Lobo has garnered several rivals in the underworld. He retains loose affiliations with syndicate lords such as Emperor Spooj.

While he was procurring a minor bounty, Lobo was approached by the Preserver for a freelance assignment. Lobo had to simply go to Earth and lure Superman into space. The Preserver would then use a tractor beam aboard his ship to restrain Superman. Lobo was unaware that the Preserver meant to imprison Lobo, as well. Both were the last of their race.

When Superman was thought dead, word somehow spread past the planet Earth. Lobo tried to worm his way into the Justice League. The remaining five members that were present begrudgingly took Lobo to Earth when several supervillains began rampaging throughout Metropolis. Upon Superman's return, Lobo sent was sent away and he angrily left on his sentient motorbike.