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Real Identity: Loana
Appearances: For the Man Who Has Everything
Family: Kal-El (husband), Van-El (Son), Jor-El (Father-In-Law), Lara (Mother-In-Law)
Voiced By: Dana Delany

The family that Superman never had. When Mongul trapped Superman in a dream like comatose state with the Black Mercy, Superman envisioned himself still living on Krypton with a family of his own; Loana, his wife, Van, his son, and Krypto, the family pet.

Loana reflects a duality of Superman's love interests, Lana Lang and Lois Lane. Loana has the appearance of Lana and the personality of Lois, seemingly inferring that it will be some time before he settles on one of them once and for all, hence Loana is the perfect substitute.


Real Identity: Van-El
Appearances: For the Man who has Everything
Voiced By: Josh Hutcherson

Van is the beacon of light in Superman's life. Van has much to learn and his father feels at ease to be there to infuse him with morals and experience. The most difficult part of leaving this life for Superman was saying goodbye to his son.