Lil' Romeo

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Real Identity: Percy Romeo Miller Junior
Affiliation(s): No Limit Records and Guttar Music
Appearances (SS): Romeo in the Mix
Powers/Skills: Music
Voiced By: Lil' Romeo

Percy Romeo Miller Junior was born on August 19, 1989 in New Orleans, Louisiana and is the son of entertainment mogul, Master P. At age five, Miller was signed onto No Limit Records after writing a rap for his father. Seven years later, he took on the alias Lil' Romeo and released his first album, Lil' Romeo in 2001 and second Game Time in 2002. Romeo also appeared in various movies and television series, including his own, Romeo! from 2003 to 2006. In 2003, he lived in Beverly Hills, California and attended Beverly Hills High School. Dakota producer, Bernie Rast attempted to get Romeo to sign a contract with him for concerts and television. As an incentive, Rast held a contest in which two winners would get to direct Romeo's next music video with an appearance by Static, Romeo's favorite superhero. He agreed to the video and appeared in a costume based off of Static's but with special effects incorporated into it.

During the shoot, Lil' Romeo was kidnapped by the Leech who mistook him for Static. While Romeo threatened litigation, Leech called for a trade. He planted Romeo on the north end of a roller coaster to capture Static. While Frieda Goren and Daisy Watkins, the contest winners, went to alert the police, Romeo went to free the Bang Babies kidnapped by Leech. Static was unable to fully recharge and was not strong enough to defeat the villain. Romeo recalled a prior conversation and used his suits special effects to ignite an overhead water sprinkler system and short out Leech, who absorbed both Static's power and weaknesses. Romeo continued to work in the entertainment industry and attended the University of Southern California on a basketball scholarship.