Lana Lang

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Real Identity: Lana Elizabeth Lang
Appearances (STAS): The Last Son of Krypton Part Two, My Girl, The Late Mr. Kent, New Kids in Town, and Obsession
Appearances (JL): Hereafter Part One
Skills: Fashion Design
Voiced By: Kelly Schmidt and Joely Fisher

Lana Lang is a childhood friend of Clark Kent in Smallville, Kansas. During high school, when Clark Kent's super powers began to develop, Lana witnessed first hand Clark Kent surviving an explosion at a gas station and saving a family. After parting ways from Smallville, the two never saw each other again for some time, despite a fleeting romance.

Lang went on to become a fashion designer with international fame. Her Lana Lang Fashions line is based in numerous locales such as Metropolis, London, Paris and Tokyo. She once began dating Lex Luthor. When she arrived in Metropolis for a fashion show, she was kidnapped and was saved by Superman. Lang quickly deduced Superman was Clark Kent from years of tracking his mysterious exploits. She attempted to help Superman incriminate Lex Luthor in an idealistic attempt to renew their romance. After surviving a dangerous brush with death, Lang decided to stay out of the action but remained a close confidant of Kent, often covering for him when the situation dictated.

Lang stumbled upon the perfect model for her Swimwear campaign, Darcy Mason. Mason turned out to be one of Toyman's creations. Lang walked in on Mason repairing her face. Fearing for her secret, Mason started a fire that gutted part of Lang's building.