Kwaku Anansi

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Real Identity: Kwaku Anansi
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Out of Africa
Powers/Skills: Illusion Casting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In ancient times, Kwaku Anansi was a very clever spider and wished to have the power of storytelling. He approached the Sky King and made a bargain. Anansi was told to capture three villains for this power. He trapped Mmoboro in a pot, tied Onini to a tree, and trapped Osebo in a earth pit. Sky King accepted them and granted Anansi the power of illusion. He then crafted a Golden Spider to hold these powers then passed them onto a hero. Each generation, a hero passed the Spider to the next chosen hero. Ultimately, all stories were originated from Kwaku Anansi. He also became a creator and trickster diety in Ashanti mythology, said to be son of Asase Ya and Nyame. Anansi was known as the "Enormous Spider" and created the sun, moon, stars, day, and night. For this, he became the first king of human beings and continued to intercede between gods and mortals.