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Real Identity: Kevin
Affiliation(s): Myrell Youth Disability Center
Appearances (TZP): The Wrong Morph
Powers/Skills: Restored Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Wil Wheaton

Kevin is a teenager paralyzed the waist down. He volunteered to test Dr. Myrell's Synaptic Amplifier and was able to walk again. Zeta and Ro Rowan saw Kevin while on a tour of the Center. Later that night, they snuck into Dr. Myrell's office to look for contact info on Dr. Selig. To avoid security, Zeta holomorphed into Kevin, implicating in a theft. Kevin was arrested and interrogated by Detective Marcus. With time running out, Zeta and Rowan explained themselves to Kevin and vowed to exonerate him. The trio confronted Dr. Myrell and the real thief, Blake. After the charges were cleared, Kevin told a cover story to protect Zeta and Rowan's involvement.