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King Gustev

Real Identity: King Gustev
Appearances: Maid of Honor Part One and Part Two
Powers: None/Human
Voiced By: Alfred Molina

The former reigning monarch of Kasnia, King Gustev ran a conservative regime. That fact gave birth to many radical extremist activities that ranged from weapons smuggling, kidnapping and geographical conflicts. Gustev got Kasnia involved as a major player in the international space station project. However, he was being manipulated by his would-be benefactor, Vandal Savage. Once the station was completed, Savage made his move. The first step was poisoning Gustev in order to engineer his own ascension as the country's monarch. Gustev was left in a vegetative state. After the Justice League intervened and defeated Savage, Gustev's daughter, Audrey rightfully took the throne in his place.

Queen Audrey II

Real Identity: Queen Audrey II
Appearances: Maid of Honor Part One and Part Two
Powers: None/Human
Voiced By: Dorie Barton

Audrey was free spirited and known for her hard-partying ways. The heir to the Kasnian monarchy, Audrey was quickly ushered into the position of ruler when her father, the king was poisoned by Vandal Savage.

She would much rather go out and have fun all day but she is just as resigned to ruling her kingdom. Because of its similarity to pre-communist Russia, Kasnia has a monarch and a parliament that suffers from political polarization by the right and left factions as well as rebels with specific geographic ties.

Audrey often relies on the Justice League to settle the major altercations as Kasnia is a relatively poor nation. She has a very strong friendship with Wonder Woman who has saved her on numerous occasions. They get on well although they come from very different backgrounds.

General Nardoc

Real Identity: Nardoc
Appearances: Hawk and Dove
Powers: None/Human
Voiced By: Lex Lang

General Nardoc led the indigenous tribe of Kaznians in a near-civil war against an religious orthodox paramilitary group. The conflict was a powder keg waiting to explode as both parties had ties to outside nations. It would have the potential for a third World War. However, Nardoc's group were losing funds and slowly being pushed back. That was until Nardoc was approached by a weapons dealer. The dealer turned out to be Ares, god of war, in disguise. He offered the Annihilator to Nardoc free of charge.

Nardoc used the robot to retake his people's inherent land and planned to stop from there. Ares was infuriated and killed Nardoc. He then impersonated Nardoc and continued to press Nardoc's group to war. The JLU intervened and the fighting ended, for now.