Trina Jessup

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Real Identity: Trina Jessup
Affiliation(s): Dakota City Police Department
Appearances (SS): Pop's Girlfriend and Consequences
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Sheryl Lee Ralph

Trina Jessup is an officer employed by the Dakota City Police Department and is partnered with Kim Garcia. She also began dating Robert Hawkins in the early 21st century. During an assignment to find stolen Quantum Vapor, Jessup attempted to search Virgil Hawkins, not knowing who he was. Things became rather awkward for Virgil and Sharon Hawkins, but the former was under the impression of whatever made their father happy was acceptable. Jessup decided her relationship with Robert Hawkins needed to slow down after a rough start with the children.

With 24 hours left before the Vapor turned into gas, Jessup questioned Hawkins once more and gave him her calling card. When Royce Axelrod began to mutate at Dakota Union High School, Hawkins pulled the fire alarm to evacuate everyone then summoned Jessup and Garcia to the scene. Then as Static, he disposed of the Vapor by launching it into space. The trio then faced Axelrod and subdued him. During a public ceremony, Chief Barnsdale awarded them for their bravery. Some time later, after Puff and Onyx robbed the Dakota Multiplex, Jessup received a tip that the duo was sighted at the dockyard pool hall. Static then stormed the hangout.