Judge Vargas

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Real Identity: Judge Maria Vargas
Appearances (BTAS): The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne and I Am the Night
Skills: Law
Voiced By: Carmen Zapata

Unofficially, Judge Vargas is the best judge presiding on the Gotham City circuit. Vargas is a good friend of Commissioner Gordon, for 20 years. Vargas had one deadly secret. When she was only a child, Vargas was obsessed with matches. She inadvertently started a fire that later became known as the Great Gotham Dock Fires.

When she stayed at the Yucca Springs Health Resort, Hugo Strange discovered her secret and blackmailed her. Vargas couldn't pay the full amount but Batman appeared and chased off Strange's men. Vargas hurt herself while trying to grab the copy of her memory. Vargas recovered and re-assumed her role in teh court, presiding over cases, such as the second arrest of Jimmy Peake.