Dule Jones

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Real Identity: Dule Jones
Affiliation(s): National Football League
Appearances (SS): Linked
Powers/Skills: Tendril Generation and Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Marshall Jones

Dule Jones is a Dakota City resident between the age of Virgil and Sharon Hawkins. He was part of a gang and was present at the Big Bang. While climbing a chainlink fence with his friend Troy, Jones was exposed to a smaller amount of Quantum Vapor. Both got the power to generate powerful metal tendrils from their spine but Jones could conceal them in his body whereas Troy couldn't. While employed at Freeman Community Center, Sharon Hawkins was Jones' counselor and tried to teach him to be proud of what he could accomplish not what he could buy. Jones became the number one NFL draft pick after graduating Dakota Union High School. Jones signed a multi-million dollar contract and several endorsement deals. He purchased a custom Hum-Vee and mansion with a high tech security system.

He took part in an all-star charity football game and provided front row seats to his former counselor and three guests. However, when Jones was attacked by Chainlink everyone grew suspicious. Jones invited Sharon Hawkins to breakfast and Gear launched a tracer onto his vehicle. The next day, Jones attempted to kill Chainlink at an abandoned Aerocal plant on 85th and Fairfield. Static, Gear, and Hawkins arrived to intervene. He explained his secret and sat out of the charity game. In the fourth quarter, Jones made his secret public before Chainlink could. After Chainlink was defeated, it seemed likely that Jones lost his contracts for having a concealed super power. But he also probably lost his powers when Dr. Todd spread his antidote across Dakota.