Kala In-Ze

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Real Identity: Kala In-Ze
Appearances (STAS): Little Girl Lost Part One
Skills: Science
Family: Kara In-Ze Kent
Voiced By: Carolyn Seymor

Kala In-Ze was the chief physician in Argo City, the capital of the planet Argos, a peaceful and vibrant world. However, a chain of explosions that destroyed Krypton tore Argos from its orbit. Most of Argos was devastated. As Argos drifted further from its sun, it slowly froze. Five years later, Kala In-Ze recorded a transmission, put it on a loop and placed herself and her family in stasis. Later, Superman discovered the transmission and found that only In-Ze's daughter survived. He took Kara In-Ze under her care after she was revived.