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Real Identity: Inza Cramer Nelson
Appearances (STAS): Hand of Fate
Appearances (JL/U): The Terror Beyond Part One, Part Two, Hereafter Part One, The Return and Wake the Dead
Powers: Control of mystical arts
Family: Dr. Fate (husband)
Voiced By: Jennifer Lien and Jennifer Hale

Inza is the wife of Dr. Fate. On Dr.Fate's first adventure, he rescued Inza Cramer from a warlock named Wotan. Shortly after, they married. The two live in a tower in Salem, Massachusetts that also acts as a doorway to other dimensions. The talisman's given to Nelson, allow Nelson and Cramer to retain their youthful looks. Inza maintains the tower and acts as an anchor for Dr. Fate to this dimension. She also has a limited mastery over magic as well. When she can, Inza tends a garden in a pocket dimension. She also offers as much advice and guidance to others out of empathy, lately to Shayera Hol and AMAZO. Dr. Fate also finds himself on the receiving end at times.